Assemble your legal documents with ease with this must have MS Word add-in.


If there’s one thing that I know about lawyers, legal assistants and paralegals, its that regardless of how extremely intelligent most of them are, man of them are not computer experts.  While much of what they do during the day may be facilitated by some kind of computing device, like a notebook or desktop PC, they definitely are NOT computing professionals.  Their expertise and strengths are in the law, and not necessarily in the tools they use to practice it.  .

Legal work often involves the tedious work of writing and preparing legal documents for presentation to clients before filing them with the court.  Depending on the type of law and state you’re practicing in, you may have different clause and document requirements and templates that you like and/ or are required to use.

Pathagoras’ is a multi-functional document assembly and document management suite that works in side Microsoft Word.  Pathagoras uses document clauses and other boiler plate text, stored I separate documents to help you assemble and compile and assemble a document suitable for court filing. Its Document and Clause Selection module, Pathagoras will read the names of all clause documents stored in a designated folder and display the results onto the left side of a two panel display. Select one, several or all of the available clauses from the left panel and move them to the right panel. The final content of the right panel reflects the content of the ultimate document to be assembled. Press the Next button and Pathagoras will quickly assemble your selection into a new document.

Once assembled, Pathagoras can file any and all text between brackets [ ] and replace the contents of these variables with specific text that you give it.  During this phase of the document assembly process, the user is given the opportunity to save the variable-to-personal data match-ups to a Personal Data Record. This record is stored and can be recalled in a later session involving the same client or customer. Pathagoras can store and process up to 900 variables and their replacement values per client or customer.

  • Powerful Document Assembly
  • Document Automation software.
  • No complex setups.
  • Reduce the Time & Cost of Creating Documents.
  • Enhance Productivity and Client Services.
  • Increase Your Profitability.

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