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ZIPMagic is more than just a file compression tool. It's a full feature disk compression tool that can Double your disk size. It even doubles the size of the new superfast and more expensive SSD flash drives without a performance loss!


There are lots of compression tools out there, but none can pull more rabbits out of the hat than ZIPmagic! ZIPmagic is more than a simple file compression and decompression tool. It is a suite of tools comprised of ZIPmagic Studio, DriveSpace, Stacker, and Express. It allows you to compress entire disks in real zipmagictime or for maximum compression it has an offline mode. ZIPmagic is so effective that it can double your disk space.

Why get excited about compression when storage is getting cheaper? If  you are considering upgrading your PC to one of the new incredibly fast SSD drives then you’ll see that although the prices are getting more affordable they are still a bit expensive. ZIPMagic’s DoubleSpace feature  has the unique capability of not only doubling your disk size but actually increasing performance at the same time on machines that have a fairly modern CPU. So theoretically you could buy a $99.00 250 GB SSD and double its space to nearly 500GB saving a couple hundred dollars.DoubleSpace

There are various methods of squeezing data to  leave more available disk space.  ZIPmagic uses the three common methods but has also found a way to get even more compression out of them.  The three compression algorithms are:

Lempel-Ziv Compression (however Simon King the software architect of ZipMagic has tweaked this and so he calls it Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression. Simon claims that Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression doubles your boot disk capacity and quadruples your data disk capacity. Ed.

Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression doubles your boot disk capacity and quadruples your data disk capacity. Access to compressed data is completely transparent – all of your installed applications run normally, and all of your files remain fully accessible as if they were not compressed at all. Should you want to go back at any time, you can easily undo all changes made by Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression, and lose nothing – except the extra space!

ZIPMagic uses the other two algorithms LZS8X and LZS90 which allow you to greatly compress your disks on the fly. To get maximum compression, LZSC requires you to do your compression in offline mode. The website claims to achieve the following:

LZS8X: Zero Downtime

Increase your disk storage in a single click, while Windows is still running – ideal to compress remote servers. LZS85 is designed to provide better compression on computers running Windows 10 while LZS80 fully supports older Windows versions (including XP) although with weaker compression.

LZS90: The Most Space

Runs directly from your PC boot menu, so you don’t need to worry about creating a bootable USB device. LZS90 achieves a compression ratio of 2.4:1 on a clean Windows 10 installation, meaning a 128 GB SSD acts like a far more spacious 307 GB SSD!
For more information check out the ZIPmagic website. You can download a trial version which will allow you to test its compression claims however it is limited to just several gigabytes of data.
  • Shell Namespace Extension Technology:
  • So Easy it Feels Like Magic!
  • Find Smallest Archive:
  • Benchmark Compression Algorithms
  • Designed for SSDs:
  • Process Multiple Archives Simultaneously
  • LZ8X Disk Compression:
  • Online Full Disk Compression with Transparent Data Access
  • Intelligent “Extract to Subfolder”:
  • Skips Unneeded Folder Creation
  • Plug-In Extensible:
  • Add Support for New Archive Types Outlook Add-In, Attachment Previews:
  • Transparent E-mail Attachment Compression and Previews 1
  • LZS90 Disk Compression:
  • Compress Boot Disks with a 2.4:1 Ratio
  • JPEG Compression, 256 Bit AES Encryption:
  • ZIPX Plug-In: WinZip Compatible JPEG Compression
  • LZS100 Disk Compression:
  • Compress Data Disks with a 4.1:1 Ratio
  • Recursive Extract:
  • Extract Multiple Nested Archives in a Single Pass

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