Starfish Family Mail

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Starfish Family Mail is a Windows email program that lets you communicate via email with all your friends and family! Parents or teachers can set up friend lists for each person so that you can rest assured that they are only communicating with their friends. Each person logs in as themselves and using passwords they can keep others out. Each friend can have a specific authentication field that must match in order for an email to be viewable. This keeps out all the mail that was spoofed from your friends addresses! Assign your friends different icons to personalize them too.

Parents can administer their children’s accounts and by adjusting the attachment options will let your kids send, receive or disallow any attachments as well what they can read, reply to and send to. Change skins to get the look and feel that fits your mood too! Of course we’ve included a spell checker and Thesaurus as well. With the deluge of inappropriate spam this program is a great product to filter it out and let you communicate with your friends and loved ones. Also allows you to allow/disallow the use of attachments, both incoming and outgoing.

  • Peace of mind knowing who your children are communicating with

  • Each account’s “friends list” is controlled by the parent
  • Authentication tools verify incoming messages are from who they say they are
  • Secure admin access, only you can modify account properties.
  • Not dependant on Internet Explorer, strips HTML.
  • Will not execute scripts when messages are read, no scripting access(no automatic virus execution!)
  • Delete incoming attachments with specific extensions.
  • Each account has its own look and feel.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Spell checker and thesaurus tools.

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