Alarm++ solves your reminder and scheduling needs. Each alarm can display a reminder message, run an application, play a sound, open a folder, send e-mail, open a web site, or any combination. You can create multiple alarms, each of which can go off at various intervals, from simple (every other Wednesday or every year) to complex (the first and last Friday of every third month). You can schedule applications to run unattended (such as late-night backups, printing, or faxing). You can also schedule e-mail for sending reminders to people while you’re on vacation.

Each alarm can repeat at many different intervals, such as specific weekdays, weeks, months, and weeks of the month. They can also repeat any number of times, from one to forever, or until a specific date. You can specify that certain events be ignored if they occur a certain number of minutes, hours, or days in the past. Create templates for creating new alarms. Have a “Meeting” template, a “Grocery store on the way home” template, and an “Important Birthday” template. This makes it easier to create the alarms that you create often.

  • Many repeat options: minutes, hours, days, weekdays, weeks of the month, months, workdays, non-workdays, etc.
  • Snooze option which you can adjust when an alarm goes off (in a few minutes, hours, or days)
  • Restrict events to specific weekdays, months, weeks of the month, and/or time range
  • Skip events that don’t occur on workdays or just occur on the next available workday
  • Ignore events if they occur in the past
  • Event windows appear on your screen, wherever you choose, but don’t take your cursor away from your work
  • Run applications, scripts, and batch files
  • Visit web pages (Internet shortcuts) automatically
  • Send e-mail automatically, even when you’re away from the computer
  • Create alarms from templates that you create yourself for the alarms you use most often

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