Ilium Software ListProâ„¢ — an easy way to make, use and re-use all your important lists. Use ListPro to organize all your lists, thoughts and notes in convenient, easy-to-use ways. Try ListPro now! You’ll be amazed at how much use you’ll find for it. Create shopping lists, to do lists and checklists, and organize and use your information just how you want to. ListPro makes it really easy. Synchronize your lists between your PDA and your desktop PC, and use them on both. Complete file compatibility makes ListPro the ideal information tool for your desktop, notebook, or portable.

Why buy a dedicated shopping, class assignment, exercise tracking or CD or DVD inventory program when you can have them all with ListPro? Easy and convenient, ListPro will really help you get–and stay–organized. ListPro is ideal for keeping track of your collections. Use ListPro to keep straight what’s in process, dates, prices, status and more. No more losing track of what you’ve paid for, plus have a permanent record of items you’ve won and what you’ve missed. Optional handheld versions allow ListPro to synchronize with Windows Mobile Smartphone and Pocket PCs, and Palm powered devices.

    • Easy to learn and easy to use
    • Make a to-do list in just 3 clicks or build a customized database!
    • Add alarms to help you to remember important tasks
    • Include links to websites, pictures, and more
    • Build calculated columns for shopping, inventory, or mileage
    • Highest quality live technical support
    • Color coded task status
    • Item highlighting
    • Sort and filter for easy browsing
    • Choose from hundreds of pre-made lists at the List Exchange

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