Use this award-winning software to store, protect, and back up your important information, and find it easily whenever you need it. Keep your most important personal information – like user names, passwords, and account numbers – encrypted and password-protected for security, but convenient and available to you any time. Only Ilium Software eWallet lets you synchronize, back up, and print your wallet files to your desktop. And you can enter, change and use your information on all your Windows desktops, notebooks or mobile devices.

eWallet keeps more than your most confidential information — keep everything you need to remember in this useful format. Use eWallet for serial numbers, membership and identification, frequent flier numbers, emergency numbers, lock combinations, discount clubs, and lots more. Throw away your sticky notes and scraps of paper — eWallet makes getting organized painless! Over 30 templates make it easy for you to enter your info. Plus you can customize your cards with your own graphics and sounds. Optional handheld versions allow eWallet to synchronize with Windows Mobile Pocket PCs or Smartphones, and Palm OS handhelds as well.

  • eWallet keeps all your information secure

  • Back up your information and find it easily when you need it
  • Fill in passwords, credit cards and other info on web pages! It’s easier and more secure!
  • Use eWallet to securely track: Credit Cards – Calling Cards – Passwords – Usernames –
  • Websites – PIN Numbers – Bank Accounts – Emergency and Medical Info – And Much More
  • Use the built-in password generator to make unique and secure passwords any time
  • Organize your info however you want with categories and as many different wallet files as you need
  • Change card field labels and save cards as templates on any platform to make exactly the card you want
  • Quickly recognize any card with just a glance when you customize your cards with your own graphics and icons
  • Built-in synchronization for desktops, notebooks, and portable devices

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