CSE HTML Validator Pro

CSE HTML Validator is a fast, powerful, inexpensive, highly user configurable, and easy to use professional HTML development tool that will help you to write syntactically correct HTML and CSS. You’ll be surprised how many problems may exist in your HTML! CSE HTML Validator will help you locate and fix them so that your documents are easily viewed by a variety of web browsers. In addition, CSE HTML Validator will give you valuable and customizable advice based on your HTML document. CSE HTML Validator is great for both HTML beginners and professionals who want to make sure that their website visitors do not run into problems caused by poorly written HTML.

To use CSE HTML Validator, simply load an HTML or CSS document into the integrated HTML/text editor and press F6. CSE HTML Validator will display easy to understand messages about your document. Just click on an error message and CSE HTML Validator will use the integrated editor to take you to the exact location of the problem. CSE HTML Validator will also generate messages about misspelled words, browser compatibility, good style, meta tags, and document statistics.

  • Powerful integrated text/HTML editor with syntax highlighting, split view, full screen mode, and more; provides point and click ease of use

  • Finds broken links and misspelled words, tags, attributes, and character entities; locates bad attribute values; checks for correct placement and usage of tags
  • Generates browser compatibility messages when using browser specific tags and attributes (such as those specific to Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator)
  • Makes recommendations for good style and certain META tags (optional); makes recommendations to improve search engine rankings
  • Highly user configurable– add your own tags, messages, and syntax requirements; configure CSE HTML Validator to check for everything or for only what you want
  • Extremely user friendly and easy to understand output (vastly different from most other HTML validators or syntax checking tools)
  • Use the integrated web browser to browse the web while simultaneously viewing and checking the HTML source– ideal for checking the HTML output of dynamic web pages made with ASP or PHP
  • The Batch Wizard (Pro only) easily validates multiple HTML documents or a complete web site with a single URL and generates a single file HTML report
  • Helps you keep your visitors and customers at your site instead of being turned away by broken links and/or poor or sloppy HTML that causes viewing problems
  • Helps you save hours of time; CSE HTML Validator can help you find HTML, XHTML, and CSS syntax problems in seconds instead of hours

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