Directory Toolkit

Directory Toolkit is a multipurpose directory and file synchronize utility for Windows. The program’s central functionality is as a path comparison and synchronization utility. Directory Toolkit displays a single or side-by-side directory comparison using color coding for alike, different, or missing files. You can copy, move, & rename files manually or via one of 8 built-in synchronize functions. The program’s archive functions mean the compare functions work seamlessly on files in archives – no need for you to manually extract files first.

Directory Toolkit has many other functions. Comparisons can be based on file date or binary analysis. Network administrators and advanced users will appreciate the command line and script operations, which let you process multiple comparison & synchronize operations within a single script file. Scripts makes it easy to keep laptops & workstations in synch. File Size, date, and attribute filters can be used to further refine the files to be processed. The display and output reports can be customized. A file comparion viewer can show actual content differences between two files. Other functions include decode/encode, split/concatenate, Touch, Physical directory sort.

  • Compare and synchronize two paths

  • Use as a general file & archive manager
  • Drag n drop functionality with Windows Explorer
  • Rename files in bulk using complex wild cards. Also numbers files.
  • Configurable output reports.
  • Touch function has an ‘add/subtract to/from current file time’ function.
  • Can make self-extracting zip archives.
  • Script functions for automated operations.
  • Reports can display file version information for exe/ocx/dll files.
  • International versions available.

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