Christmas 3D Screensaver

Do you like Christmas? Too bad it comes only once a year. Hey, if you really, really like Christmas – why not make it last a little longer? Christmas 3D Screensaver brings the warm feelings of joy right to your computer desktop. Share these feelings with your family, friends and co-workers. This PC desktop Christmas tree never ages, and in some parts of the world it never snows, it’s not a problem with the Christmas 3D Screensaver. You have the right kind of weather – frosty, with a lot of snow – guaranteed! See how simple it is: no need to pick out a Christmas tree; no time spent decorating it; and no worries about what kind of weather it’s going to be. Just one small download and Christmas comes to you!

Are you expecting a “traditional” Christmas screensaver? Then you are up for a big surprise. How about a dancing snowman that experiments with fireworks, decorates the Christmas tree, turns the lights on and off, and plays different vinyl records (you do remember what these are?). Who said Christmas can’t be a bit crazy. The Christmas screensaver features great sound effects and spectacular 3D graphics. Most importantly, this 3D Christmas screensaver is a cool way to cheer up yourself and your friends during the long, dull workdays filled with worries and concerns.

  • Three music tracks to play in the background while you enjoy your Christmas screensaver

  • Spectacular 3D graphics and complete 3D sound control
  • Gamma control
  • FPS counter
  • Most importantly, a way to keep you in that holiday spirit during your workday

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