Easy Mail

EasyMail simplifies your correspondence as no bloated word processor can. Print envelopes and labels with no hassle. Type, paste or select your addressee; then click to print an envelope or a label. Best of all, you can leave your printer settings alone! Just stick an envelope where the paper goes and let Easy Mail handle the rest.

Print only labels you need right now and use the remainder another time–or print the same address on every label. Includes EasyEdit for creating documents, plus drag-and-drop technology to make it a snap to create Easy Mail Address files from your existing addresses.

  • Quickly and easily design your own envelope or label sheet.

  • Common USA and Metric envelopes and label sheets are pre-configured.
  • Switch between metric or USA sizes with a mouse click.
  • Print a report of the data in an EasyMail address book.
  • Switch between upper case, lower case, or mixed case addresses.
  • Free upgrade to EasyWriter with spell / and thesaurus available.
  • ncorporates requests and suggestions from users of previous versions.
  • Select addresses, return addresses, graphic logos instantly
  • Print just one label or a few labels per sheet
  • Really useful, and really easy.

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