Photo Wizard

Photo Wizard is a FREE product that can turn your photos into fun! You can import pictures from digital cameras, scanners, from the Internet or your PC. Bring your photos into the program, and the fun begins! It lets you manipulate your photos in a variety of ways. You can retouch your photos, or add special effects. Crop and size your pictures to get them just right. Enhance the colors, the brightness, remove “red eye”, and more. Even add a customizable frame. Print photos on a variety of paper, label, and photo paper sizes.

Arrange your photos into albums, and put your photos, and albums, on the World Wide Web — sending them to Photo Once your photos or albums are safe in Photo Country, you can email links to your photos to family, friends, and associates. They never have to download a file. And, they only see the pictures you want them to see — your pictures are safe and secure. And you do it all right from within the program. Photo Wizard is a complete package for working with all your photos and having fun with them in the process.

  • Create albums with multiple pages

  • Publish albums to the World Wide Web
  • Add special effects to your pictures
  • Create custom sports cards and calendars
  • Utilize pictures from scanners and digital cameras
  • Enhance photos with alterations to color, brightness, hue, and more
  • Supports Avery labels and Kodak photo paper
  • Your photos are always safe and secure
  • Email photo links to family and friends

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