Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged

From the talented minds of designers all over the world comes the most dynamic brick-busting experience ever! This wild and warped game has you smashing your way through over 350 beautiful and exhilarating rounds that are truly the best of the best. There are three main goals of Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged. The first is to keep a ball in play for as long as possible so that you can advance to the next round. You will keep the ball in play by simply keeping it from going past your ship and out of bounds. The second is to accumulate the highest score possible by breaking as many bricks, collecting as many power ups and destroying as many bombs as you can. The third goal is optional, yet highly engaging. Can you collect every single ring on each round? Can you collect every ring in the game?

This remarkable breakout action game, based on last year’s awesome game Ricochet Extreme, has met every expectation Windows XP game lovers could ever imagine! Ricochet Recharged is not just a rejuvenated edition after prior Lost Worlds and Extreme editions. It’s reloaded and recharged! With even more stunning visuals and sound effects, as well as a gripping soundtrack you’ll never get tired of, Recharged delivers some impessive and compelling level design. Ricochet Recharged is now the most most addictive game we’ve come across for the desktop for Windows XP. With its gorgeous artwork and innovative “Ring Game”, you need to download a copy and play your full two hours of exciting game play!

  • A robust Level Editor that allows you to make your own levels!

  • A new player ship design, including the transparent “ghost ship”
  • A unique “Screen Saver” Round Pack you have to see to believe
  • Includes Easy, Normal, Hard and Impossible Levels like Prior Editions
  • Super background music and enhanced sound effects
  • Hard and Impossible Levels like Prior Editions Default trial gives you 2 full hours of game play Registered Edition allows you to save games in progress Download new levels submitted by other Recharged Players!
  • Warning: Do not play before bed, you’ll lose a few hours of sleep, easily!

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