Proxy Magnet

Proxy Magnet is software for Windows (Mac soon!) to find and manage proxy servers to protect your surfing, downloading and more!
A proxy acts as a shield between you and the site you’re looking at; in other words, it’s a middleman. When you use a Web proxy, you are not actually connecting to your intended site, instead, the Web proxy is connecting to the site, therefore hiding any trace of your presence.

Many people use a Web proxy in order to keep their searches private or hide their online identity. Proxy Magnet provides your with a list of proxies by speed location and more, and will set your PC to use the proxy with your web browser and other Internet applications.
Often times proxy lists are bad, hard to find, or inconsistent. We have designed a system that does all the work for you! To date we have found and tested 4,116,087 proxies. When you load (with subscription) Proxy Magnet, you can be sure to get the newest, freshest proxies we have found and verified, any day any time.

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